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Door Garden Club Hosts Little Club Flower Show

The Door Garden Club held its first little club bench flower show during its luncheon meeting at the Horseshoe Bay Golf Club in Egg Harbor Tuesday. Ten guests brought 'no foam' floral designs they'd created, and had an opportunity to talk about the plant material they'd used, as well as their intent, methods and challenges during an informal "flower show and tell" session.

The enthusiastic group of forty-four also enjoyed watching and learning as Sonja Durkee, Sister Bay, deconstructed the nine sustainable floral designs that she'd created the previous day, also using no floral foam. Techniques and materials that she showed included kubari, kenzan, curly willow wraps, a dogwood twig bundle, forsythia sticks, a huckleberry nest, wire cage, frog, a grapevine sphere, and more.


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