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Seniors sorting and boxing recylable plant containers


The Door Garden Club is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization located in Door County, Wisconsin, the peninsula that's known for its 300 miles of shoreline, nature trails, parks, natural habitats, dark night skies, flowers, and active arts communities.


We are an independent group of lifelong learners ~ flower and garden lovers who are interested in horticulture, conservation, floral design, garden history and design, nature photography, and the botanical arts. 

Senior couple working in potager garden


The purpose of the Door Garden Club, Inc. is to appreciate, learn, share, and support the beauty, value, and conservation of plants, gardens, parks, and green spaces. This is accomplished by providing inspirational and educational programs and exhibitions; hosting fundraising events and social activities; and, awarding scholarships and grants for local students, organizations, and projects.

History of Door County Parks, Plants, Gardens, Green Spaces
Conservation and Preservation of its Natural Beauty and Heritage 
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