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  • Sonja Durkee

Newport State Park volunteers make Fern Trail accessible

Seasonal flooding along several sections of the trail led the Newport Wilderness Society to decide to replace the ground-level, sectional boardwalk with an 1,800-foot continuous, ADA-compliant elevated boardwalk. When completed, the new boardwalk will include ramps, bump-outs for seating, and railings where required.

At least 70 Society volunteers and friends have already contributed hundreds of hours of time to remove the existing boardwalk sections and replace them with newly constructed ones. The projected cost of the boardwalk restoration is approximately $200,000.

The Newport Wilderness Society is a nonprofit organization that supports Newport State Park in Ellison Bay, WI. For more information about this historically signification enclave, the educational programs offered, and to donate to the nonprofit Newport Wilderness Society, please click HERE.


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