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Force forsythia now!

It's time to bring some forsythia branches in, out of the cold! Forcing forsythia is a great way to give springtime that nudge that is much needed right now.

Head out into your yard (wearing a down-filled jacket, of course) and gather a few branches. They don't have to be long, and you don't need a huge bunch. You'll want to cut the branches at the apex - the growing point of a shoot - where two branches meet, just as you would when pruning the bush.

If you don't have forsythia growing in your own yard, maybe a friendly neighbor has some. Offering to cut a few branches for them and for yourself will likely be met with delight ~ a warm gesture to brighten anyone's winter day - ahem... yes, it is still winter here!

Of course, the best time for trimming forsythia bushes is in the spring after the blooms fade. But cutting a few branches now to be able to enjoy indoors won't harm a mature bush.


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