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  • Sonja Durkee

Door Garden Club Announces Small Green Spaces Grants and Scholarships

The Door Garden Club is seeking applicants for its Small Green Spaces Grants and Scholarships initiatives. Monetary Small Green Spaces grants will be awarded to help bring edible gardens, pollinator gardens, flower gardens, butterfly gardens, and similar to small public spaces in Door County neighborhoods. The program is intended to support the projects of small groups of neighbors who propose to create new, or revitalize existing, small green spaces which include noninvasive, native plantings in residential neighborhoods. 

Scholarships will be awarded to college students majoring in horticulture, landscape design, botany, plants science, and similar fields of study aligned with the club's purpose.

The Door Garden Club, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization. Its purpose is to appreciate, learn, share, and support the beauty, value, and conservation of plants, gardens, parks, and green spaces. This is accomplished by providing inspirational and educational programs and exhibitions; hosting fundraising events and social activities; and, awarding scholarships and grants for local students, organizations, and projects.

Eligible Small Green Spaces Project monetary grants must:

  • Further the purpose of the Door Garden Club

  • Be located on public land in Door County

  • Include native plantings

  • Have a well-defined plan for installation and ongoing maintenance

  • Provide evidence of community support

Eligible scholarship recipients must:

  • Have graduated from a Door County high school

  • Have successfully completed at least two years of full time study at an accredited college or university

  • Be majoring in a field of study which relates to the Door Garden Club's purpose at an accredited institution of higher education

Consulting with a member of the Door Garden Club prior to the application deadline is required to help identify how the club's resources can complement the project and to answer questions regarding the application. Applications are due by June 15, and awards will be presented at the club's annual business meeting at the Edgewood Orchard Galleries in Fish Creek on June 18, 2024.

Interested organizations and individuals can learn more by contacting a member of the club and visiting the club's website at #doorcounty #scholarships #communitygardens #grantfunding #smallgreenspaces #smallspacesgrant


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